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Secure deal

A safe transaction is a functional service that relieves the Buyers of financial risks and guarantees compliance with all conditions of the order, and the Artists receive timely payment of the paintings. A safe transaction is an alternative to a simple order, the choice is chosen by the buyer when forming an order.

  • The function of agreement of conditions and the cost of the order, for the possibility of providing discounts by agreement.
  • Attach documents to the order, for example, receipts and checks of courier services as a confirmation of the sending of paintings and the possibility of further tracking the parcel by the buyer.
  • Conducting correspondence of bidders in the order.
  • Scoring to your rating after the completion of transactions.
  • The ability to exchange reviews after the completion of the transaction and receive for them additional points to your rating.
  • The possibility of accepting an order and confirming agreement with the terms of the transaction, as well as a refusal for a good reason, both by the buyer and the artist, at various stages of the transaction.
Transaction benefits
  • Independent step-by-step management of the transaction directly on the site, from the moment the order is sent by the buyer until the final closing of the transaction. There is no need to use third-party services to conclude deals and additionally somewhere to register, all in one place.
  • Reservation of the amount of money, arbitration and service guarantee in case of conflict situations.
  • Payment by any means, without leaving home, saving your time.
  • The withdrawal of funds for artists on the electronic purse of the WebMoney system (after it can be displayed on a bank card).
  • The service automatically keeps commissions from transactions established by artists, so they do not have to go to the bank and stand in lines to list the commission to the service.
Purchase or sale scheme
Simple, convenient, safe
from 2%
Dynamic commission of the payment system "Robocassa".
from 10%
Commission service, is set at the discretion of the artist.
Any payment methods
WebMoney 3%
Withdraw funds to WMR wallets.
Guarantee to the artist

Are you afraid to send pictures and not get paid for them? Send pictures after reserving funds on our service.

Are you worried that the buyer can refuse the received pictures without grounds? Free return of paintings in case the buyer refuses the order after receiving it for an unreasonable reason (payment of the return parcel and withholding the amount for the initial sending of the pictures to the buyer from the funds reserved by the service, on the basis of receipts and checks attached to the transaction), unless otherwise stipulated in the deal between its participants.

Warranty to the buyer

Beware that you will make a payment, but you will not get a picture? If the artist accepts the order and after payment does not send it to you or does not fulfill it, according to the agreed terms and terms, then we will refund your money.

Are you worried that the terms of the order will be tightened and you will not get the picture within the agreed time? Artist money is transferred only in the case of compliance with all the terms of the transaction, which were agreed, if there are no valid or force majeure reasons that impede the fulfillment of the order.

Doubt as the performance of the order or in its inconsistency with your requirements? The artist will receive payment only after you receive and check the order (parcel) for compliance with the terms of the transaction and its integrity. *

*The service does not incur liability for the quality of courier services.


Stages of the transaction
1Choose the pictures you like, decorate and send the order to the artist.
2After accepting the order by the artist and agreeing on the terms and costs, pay in any convenient way for you.
3Receive the parcel, make sure that everything is in order, and confirm the successful completion of the transaction. After the artist receives payment.
4You can exchange reviews, this will give an additional rating to your account.

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