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Stegniy Talia

Stegniy Talia
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Talia Stegniy​ 
  Talia Stegniy was born in 1965 in the village of Malakhovka, the Moscow area. Since childhood was engaged in painting, music, writing poetry. She took drawing lessons from famous artist Vera Yakovlevna Tarasova. In 1987 he entered the Literary Institute. M.Gorky in the department of literary translation (poetry), the seminar of L.A.Ozerov.
   In 1991 she immigrated to Israel. In 1999 he published a book of poems by the publisher E.R.A. (Moscow).
   From 1999 to 2009 she worked in the field of religious art in Moscow.
  From 2009 Talia Stegniy lives and works in Israel. In 2010, she became to find their way into the arts. She studied art glass, she is the author of the original glass jewelry, made in the technique of fusing, and also worked in the Tiffany technique. The artist has also developed its own unique design crocheted jewelry.   
   The main focus of creativity of Talia is painting. Here are portraits painted in a realistic manner, still lifes and landscapes in the impressionist style, painting on the theme of Judaism and abstract painting.
In 2016 Talia won Silver “2nd” Place in Acrylic Media from Gateway Art Center NYC with her painting "The Sea of Yaffo"
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