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Babayan Nana
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    My dear friends. My name is Nana, (in church Nina). Hence my signature on the paintings of B. NinaArt. Why Art you have already guessed. But not really. I married by Artamonov. And now briefly and the most interesting thing about yourself. I was born in Belarus (Grodno) and my name was Elena Senkova until 1 year and 3 months. It was at this age that I was taken from the baby's house and I began to grow up in a wonderful family in Georgia, or rather, in its picturesque corner -South Ossetia. The beauty of nature and the color of the multinational republic have had a good effect on the upbringing of feelings and love for the beautiful in me.Since childhood, I dreamed of painting, but in those days there were stereotypes that children from intelligent families had to study at a music school. And so, at the age of 6 (I have excellent hearing), I was immediately accepted to study piano.Since everyone in my family had a medical education, everyone decided that I should become a doctor. Meanwhile, I dreamed of paints and canvases. Participated in drawing Olympiads at the Republican level. When I graduated from high school, I declared that I would never become a doctor! I don't want to!!! Where would I go to study with a good knowledge of chemistry and biology? Of course, a Teacher!!! After college, while working at school and preparing students for a song contest, the music director discovered that I had a good voice (not surprising, because I sang in the school choir) - a coloratura mezzo-soprano. Guess! I entered a music college in the class of "vocal". As soon as I started preparing a program for admission to Moscow in Gnesinka!!! But... I met my future husband .Then a family and two children. And it was only when we moved to St. Petersburg that my childhood dream of Painting woke up in me!!! However, I was a bit hasty. Yes, yes.My husband decided that it would be better for me to do floristry with the best florists in the city. Compositions, bouquets, packaging of expensive gifts and decoration of products for holidays have become my next steps in creative development. And then there's more. The boom of ceramic floristry from Japanese Deco clay has begun. How will you invent it ? I made a lot of roses for a hotel decorator. And in the spring of 2012, the roses that I made on the plane were sent to Moscow to decorate the pavilion of St. Petersburg at the exhibition of the Italian Embassy in Russia. Because in Holland there were no roses of such a green color as on the flag of Italy. Now I was ready to paint. I went and went to museums, admired the paintings for hours at the vernissage near the Gostiny Dvor, peering into each brushstroke and studying various painting techniques. I did not pass by artists in the open air and studied educational literature for art universities in libraries. Try to guess again. What do you need in order to seriously study painting? Of course, a diploma of specialized education. I went home and showed my works to the Chairman of the Union of Artists. Yes, yes! I was supposed to start studying at an art school. However, in the fall my mother got sick, in the spring she was gone and I was forced to give up my dream again. But I kept painting anyway. In March 2020, I was preparing for a solo exhibition. The coronavirus has shattered the plans and dreams of so many people. He did not bypass me either. Now I am with you and I want to wish everyone: "Never break the dreams and destinies of your children, because everyone has to go their own way in life and it will be good if they start it in a timely manner."For my memoirs, I have a lot of what I have not told here.
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