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Gusev Konstantin

Gusev Konstantin
Total rating: 135
Rating by «Painting»: 25
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    Contemporary Russian artist. Works in different painting techniques. The uniqueness of this artist is that he works in different styles and directions from abstraction to realism. Konstantin believes that it will not work correctly in only one direction, his soul requires variety, which can be seen in his paintings. Loves different styles and is constantly looking for something new. His works are alive, through them you can feel the smell of the sea and the noise of foliage, the scent of fruits and flowers.
    Born in the Far East of Russia. From childhood he was fond of painting, was interested in the works of artists. The harsh climate of the north was the impetus for changes and the decision to leave for a place where it is warm and there is the sea, which will become the inspiration for a series of paintings about the sea.
    While living in Spain, I looked for myself in different areas of art. He was engaged in the manufacture of furniture from expensive wood species. Participated in the 2002 Castilblanco de ios Arroyos furniture exhibition. But painting did not let go and the choice became obvious, to be an artist, and the soul and thoughts did not give rest to return to their homeland.
    Now he lives in Russia in the city of Saratov on the banks of the Volga River, where he draws inspiration for his works. He divides his paintings by serial themes, landscapes, flowers, portraits, people, animals, architecture, still lifes, abstraction ...
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