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Polyanskaya Mariya
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    Hello viewers), I hope to give you a part of their joy, by scenic
    Here's my brief history, which cannot tell me better of all my work, but it will help to know who I am at all. I am an ARTIST. Let the past not the usual way. Everywhere I took and took, not everything worked, but I still attended because I love painting.
    From 2008 to 2012, have passed the happy years of teaching at the Fedoskino art-industrial school of lacquer miniature painting. There I learned all the basics of decorative art and copied paintings of famous artists of the past. I became interested in landscape painting. Not surprising, because the place was promoted. The village of Fedoskino, with its fields, horse stables, small cottages and the Church of St. Nicholas on the little river Teaching inspired me to daily work. All this beauty can be creatively invest in the creation of boxes. Once a semester, I participated in the city of artists in the exhibition folk art and crafts "LADYA". My thesis triptych with religious paintings on the theme of "a vision of the virgin of St. Seraphim of Sarov" won the contest of young talents and was awarded the prize of the President of the Russian Federation.
    After graduation I decided to continue my education in mgahi. Surikov, the Department of restoration. I wanted to get other useful profession. Here he received a good training in drawing and painting for two years.
    2014 study of the Orthodox St. Tikhon humanitarian University. Entered the Department of icon painting and got into the Studio of Irina Vasilyevna Vatagina, where he opened for me a new world. There work well with students, all help and support. Teach consistent work with the Image. Icon interests me not only in religious terms but as a piece of art. There was a time when I thought it was primitive, but a more careful study helped me to discover the depth and meaning of this spiritual language.
    But the painting I didn't leave. Constant study work, nature is my favorite idea. Annually I participated in the traveling exhibition "Kaleidoscope". It began in the Moscow region , DK poseleniya Voskresenskoe and traveled to other exhibition venues ( the House of journalists on Arbat, Mos. mountains. Duma, Palace of culture "Druzhba" of the village of Voronovskoe, etc.). Participated in the exhibition, devoted to 120 anniversary of the birth of S. A. Yessenin "And the sky smiles on earth", which took place in DK. p. Voskresenskoe.
    To learn always important to me, but it is only one link in my way. About it it is impossible to tell, the constant search and work going on deep inside. And Yes, I love traveling! My homeland is the whole world. With a backpack on his shoulders, and with brush in hand, to see the beauty where nobody sees. I draw and this is my prayer. The world through my eyes. I can't help but capture everything that I feel in my heart.
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