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Ibatullin Rustem

Ibatullin Rustem
  • Country: Russia
  • City: Kazan
Total rating: 166
Rating by «Painting»: 9
Rating by «Graphics»: 1
Community ratings by author
Uniqueness of style:4.7
Originality of work plots:5.0
My name is Rustam Ibatullin, in the works call themselves Rustie Muar.
I graduated from design and art secondary education, I love the graphics and when you use any means of writing, strive for graphic quality, clarity of lines, the sharpness of the contrasts and lines, achieving rigor and expressiveness to the work. Rarely resorted to abstract, but still prone to the chart when the effect is achieved thanks to the work of his hands, but still interesting to reach some spontannosti. I'm not a follower of traditional academic painting, although really appreciate it and derive a lot of lessons from it, often draw from nature in order to train the perception of color and shape, but not an adherent of copying nature, although in some studies the short-term nature of the resort, but still feel that it should be a start.... therefore, if you are moderately to abstract and to indulge in emotional impression from any objects that reflect urban themes, if very abstracted, it is still not resort to vague matters, and to some figures, in this respect Suprematism is closer to me.
Ie, search and motion is one of their main values.
A bit participated in several exhibitions, more or less the biggest of which was personal in Kazan, state Museum of V. V. Aksenov, but plan to exhibit more in the modern galleries.
The most important would like to withstand independence, i.e., you choose the genre and colour scheme. I believe that the excessive commercialization of (I far)) can be harmful for creativity, so, except for isolated special occasions, most likely not going to take such orders. how to draw flowers, fruits or horse for the interior or do a picture in the style of some well-known classics (Monet ...), though technically it can. Yes, I can draw flowers or fruit, but only if the topic itself I find. But I will gladly take up the play of his own paintings and earlier stories, the better, if not just copy the previously made, but something in a similar manner.
But in any case, everything is discussed individually, what it wants, if an interesting idea you have - why not? You can even pre-arranged sketch colored, for example, boring wall, ceiling, Cabinet... your dog...

I hope to please you with their creativity and thank you for your interest!
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