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Fёdorova Ekaterina

Fёdorova Ekaterina
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    Welcome, connoisseurs and art lovers! My name is Catherine and I ,for the first time, exhibit their work to a wider audience.
    Recently my family moved to live outside the city. Large garden, pleasant and quiet freshness of nature inspire unbridled creativity.
    I'm a passionate fan of the old English garden, decided to create such beauty on your site. By studying the information on the subject , stumbled on the old monastery gardens and fell in love. Week engineered their own monastery garden, then moved the drawing into nature. And then it stalled. Could not decide what to do fencing for raised beds. Brick didn't want to, but nothing more came. I'm pretty conservative and like reliable , you might say, fundamental things. So he turned his attention to the cement, especially after the construction of its there are not enough. I never worked with anything like that. But "fizzing" and I took a chance. Now in my monastery garden fencing for raised beds of exquisite pale-gray cement. For the third year they are like a glove, without a single Shcherbinka, gently and unobtrusively framing of spicy herbs and flowers.
    Of course, creating raised beds from cement in any case is not a creation of the sculptor. But working on my dreams, I realized that cement is my material. I just love it! Even when over time the concrete will begin to break down , it will look even consumers , another date, keep in tune with nature. Even the moss can grow! And brilliant entourage of the old garden!
    Now! The creation of the garden ended, and the cement is left. Stop was not possible , and these remnants of the gray dusty substance began to haunt me. Until one day, on the Internet, I came across a statue of a Chinese monk styled antique and already moss-grown. Why not try it again? Kneaded cement mortar in a bucket and left to harden. Then turned over the bucket and gently took concrete mud pies. This fruit cake I cut with a knife of a Chinese monk. Two hours I could not grasp neither the volume nor the size of the figure,and then, like magic, my hands themselves began to create! It is a delight! Divine sensations! That's how I discovered the miracle of the creation of the sculpture.
    And now, almost three years I was developing sculptor. My style is to work with a piece of concrete. Searing like the gradual appearance of the image under my hand, armed with a knife or stomachi! So exciting and not understandable! Doing the Hippo, and I'm a Hippo! Embody Teddy , and you're Teddy bear!
    My work is warm, loved and happy. They are still far from perfect . But aspire to it! But the way is happiness!
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