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Solousova Tatyana

Solousova Tatyana
  • Country: Russia
  • City: Veliky Novgorod
Total rating: 65
Rating by «Graphics»: 15
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Born in 1966 in the city of Kirovsk in Murmansk region.From birth until 2017, lived in the town of Apatity, Murmansk region.Seriously drawing never did...but while in high school were doing community service for the production of Newspapers,the production of thematic works on paper and paintings of musical instruments at the request of the teachers.Working in the field of education,was involved in the organization of creative activity of pupils of a kindergarten.Sorry to art education was not possible,although have always been interested in exhibitions of artists held in his hometown.Irresistible impulse to draw pencil was four years ago,with retirement and the emergence of free time.In the course of work with graphite pencil,learning its properties and capabilities,there was a desire to improve and perform more delicate and precise work.Being impressed by artists working in the style of hyperrealism,Linda Huber,Emanuel Dascanio,Charles Lavasa etc. began to try to draw on the larger A3 format.Working with pencil,there was a desire to bring to the job something different and special.And it becomes special colored pencil.Try to draw everything,people,animals,landscapes.The desire to paint became an integral part of life.
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