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location: Yalta, Russia
total artworks: 47
total rating: 1590
location: Samara, Russia
total artworks: 86
total rating: 1580
Master uploaded documents on the availability of specialized education
location: Feodosiya, Russia
total artworks: 136
total rating: 1424
location: Moscow, Russia
total artworks: 118
total rating: 1297
location: Zelenograd, Russia
total artworks: 62
total rating: 1178
location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
total artworks: 97
total rating: 1113
location: Moscow, Russia
total artworks: 90
total rating: 1066
location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
total artworks: 53
total rating: 789
location: Blagoveshchensk, Russia
total artworks: 168
total rating: 784
location: Moscow, Russia
total artworks: 84
total rating: 745
Master uploaded documents on the availability of specialized education
location: Moscow, Russia
total artworks: 133
total rating: 665
location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
total artworks: 89
total rating: 662
location: Lipetsk, Russia
total artworks: 84
total rating: 649
location: Petrozavodsk, Russia
total artworks: 32
total rating: 579
location: Kirovograd, Ukraine
total artworks: 2
total rating: 576
location: Rostov-on-don, Russia
total artworks: 70
total rating: 546
Master uploaded documents on the availability of specialized education
location: Voronezh, Russia
total artworks: 166
total rating: 545
location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
total artworks: 41
total rating: 530
location: Stavropol, Russia
total artworks: 339
total rating: 493
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On this page of the site there is a list of registered artists who put their paintings for sale in our online store of oil paintings and watercolors. Some paintings of artists can be bought right now, ready for sale, and some request from the authors for order.

Our portal presents both contemporary artists and Soviet authors, times of socialist realism; as Russian artists of Russia, as well as foreign artists of the whole world; as young artists who graduated from school, and professional artists who have specialized higher professional education, or talented self-taught. All authors pass a manual check before publishing their work on the site, but still we recommend you read the description of the biographies on the pages of the authors of the works before purchasing. Many are members of the Union of Artists of Russia (UAR), or creative unions of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and other cities.

In our gallery you can find a large number of works that are exhibited painters and landscape artists, these works can be painted in oil or watercolor and are presented in the sections: landscapes, still life, Dutch landscapes. Their you will be able to buy, pick up the necessary subjects, for example, winter landscapes, or still lifes of flowers and fruit, by searching for tags in the description, and set the parameters of the paintings in the filter search at the left side of the site pages and sorted them for the convenience of ascending / descending price at the top of the screen, indicating at the same time "finished work".

The sale of paintings by oil or watercolor artists in our online painting store is carried out directly by the authors of works, or their representatives, our portal is an intermediary site and a guarantor of transactions for the sale of paintings and sculptures. Therefore, we invite all artists to register on our website in order to display a picture for sale, we will be happy for creative cooperation, as well as buyers for interesting art objects that will decorate their interior.

Note that modern paintings are in different cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the rest of the world, so if you are, for example, in Kiev or Minsk, but you are interested in St. Petersburg artists or Moscow authors, we recommend to use the security services deal . If you are with a seller in one city, for example, in Moscow, then you can use the usual order and schedule an appointment to complete the transaction.

Now courier services will easily deliver your order to any place in the world, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kiev, Minsk, etc., so the paintings of contemporary artists to buy in our time is not a problem. But, keep in mind that delivery to another city or country can take some time and will cost additional costs for packaging and forwarding, possibly also insurance, all conditions are negotiated individually between the parties to the transaction. In the case of sending an order abroad - it will still require permission to export the object of art from the seller's country.

Functionality of our online shop painting is designed so that you without unnecessary difficulties were able to put a picture to sell or buy paintings by contemporary landscape painters, such as juicy still life with flowers or fruits, or landscape frosty Russian winter. And, experts of the support service are always ready to come to the rescue in any questions!

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