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Mars and Rhea Silvia (copy)

Mars and Rhea Silvia (copy)
Rome with its gods and legends made by Rubens of the "king of painters." On this painting depicts Mars and Rhea Silvia. Ray Sylvia, her uncle was forced to devote herself to the goddess Vesta, to become a vestal virgin. The vestal virgins were forbidden to marry (and bear, respectively) for thirty years. All this time she was supposed to maintain a sacred fire in the temple the statue of the goddess. When it was over this period, the woman lost the ability to have children (when, in ancient times, as thought – and how wrong I was!). Imagine, Rhea Silvia had suffered only four years. And then, suddenly, gave birth to twins! And told everyone that she was convinced (or seduced, if you will) is not just anybody, and the war God Mars. This moment of seduction and grabbed Rubens. The man is pretty confident, even very aggressively (after all, the God of war!). A woman allegedly begging him to leave her that she made a vow of virginity. But kupidonchiki that are confused at their feet, trying to make his case. And all this is happening against the background of the temple of Vesta at her altar. Rhea Silvia gave birth to twins. Her furious uncle tells the twins to kill. But the merciful servant put them to the trash and dumped in the Tiber. The twins survived, the basket carried on the scythe, where Planinski the hill, where later, the brothers laid the eternal city – Rome. They were picked up by a she-wolf that nursed them. And then they came across the Royal shepherd.

Finished artwork, now available to buy.

Size: 80x110
Material : canvas
Technique : oil
1 933 $
368 1 0
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