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"Labyrinth" When we in life has some definite purpose, we can see to achieve it and the pitfalls, and perhaps to invent to it the obstacles themselves. And people who have similar interests with ours or who can help to achieve the desired. "Labyrinth" shows that the path to the goal is one straight line, we choose what line to choose, as well as satellites to achieve it. By joining forces, and allying with the right people - this line becomes more pronounced, and the purpose of the soap images gain clear contours of the face. Imagine looking at the picture that you are an Archer. You aim at the center (target) and calculate the drag on the arrow: wind, gravity, etc. after Selecting an adjustment, you select the line on which the arrow accurately hit the center. Thus, the picture helps to focus on goals, to choose the exact path and also to see the people you need to achieve the desired. Also the Maze shows the equality in front of people, despite the eye color, nationality and gender. The picture represents the human eye. 32 paths of wisdom that lead to the center of the picture correspond to the 32 paths of the Kabbalah tree of Sefirot. The picture power: the Union, harmony, achieving goals, attracting partners, attracting positive events in life.

Finished artwork, now available to buy.

Year: 2018
Size: 80x80
Material : canvas
Technique : oil
603 $
Vishnevskiy Anton
Vishnevskiy Anton
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
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