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YAstrebova Arina

YAstrebova Arina
  • Country: Russia
  • City: Taganrog
Total rating: 200
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I am an artist! My goal as an artist is to share their passion, feelings and perception of events with the world! The feelings that I Express through my paintings, clean! I think if I'm honest with myself and true to himself and his art, I am able to work and grow.Since I remember myself I always painted. First it was "rock art" on the walls of the apartment, then in the course went a new piano lacquer surface which I ruthlessly scratched, I do not remember that piece of concrete loose from the wall. Fearing more serious artistic achievements from my side, parents equipped me with a large amount of drawing materials.
A compromise was found, and nothing more was spoiled (decorated) author's letter.
As a student, I liked to draw caricatures of teachers. In those same years, received an order for design drawings of the Chelyabinsk children's book writer.
Surprisingly, all of my love for drawing, I did not think then to make creativity their profession. I thought it was a frivolous occupation.
So 1998, I enrolled in the South Ural State University at the faculty of Industrial and civil construction. I then very pleased that a serious profession of a civil engineer is allowed to draw, let the house and the drawings, but still.
Training at the Institute, I combined with the execution of drawings for his neighbor who went to teachers College (she occasionally looked up to me with another request to draw something, and I selflessly helped her). Also painted the props for Kvny at work.
Then I thought about the fact that the University will give me the technical skills of drawing and other necessary things, and that only after many years I will open for themselves the most favorite for me is a kind of art – oil painting.
I'm not a professional artist. Learning academic writing at the Institute I'm late, but I don't regret it. Perhaps this gives me much more freedom. I know quite a few people who graduated from art school, without a doubt, talented, but not painting at all, or very rarely, as all desire to draw (their words) burned out over the years of training.
Fortunately, I have not, on the contrary, I discover a wonderful world for yourself, greedily absorb all possible information about writing techniques those artists who are close to me. Fortunately, with the development of Internet this has become available.
I write only what I want at the moment that excites me, inspires, that evokes emotions that I want to throw out the paints. The most important thing for me is, what state gives the writing of each picture. If at the end of the work there is a feeling of elation, euphoria, a sense of inner harmony, then the picture is painted correctly.
A lot of time watching how people react to my paintings. Each person has a color that is close to him at this point in time, perhaps he needs. One picture can really like another to cause irritation because of a certain color. In one word the taste and color...
I wish you to decorate your house to only those paintings you like and fell like. I think this is the right choice.
Attention! The seller for a long time did not confirm the relevance of information and items.