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If you visited our site of the art gallery, then you are interested in the fine arts and creativity of contemporary artists. We are sincerely happy about this, because painting is one of the best manifestations of human culture. Paintings do not just decorate the walls in the house, they immerse a person in the world of beauty, improve mood, charge positive energy.

Nowadays, painting, graphics, sculpture have become more accessible. You can buy a picture in the online gallery - it's simple, interesting and exciting. For convenience of a choice all products are grouped by categories, genres and styles.

Pictures by category. Our online gallery of paintings of Moscow artists, St. Petersburg, Samara, from other cities and countries, represents a wide variety of contemporary art. It is not only traditional painting and graphics, but also objects of applied art (jewelry, ceramics, stained glass, embroidery), as well as icon painting, batik, posters. Art is a part of life, it is influenced by new technologies, previously unknown methods and styles appear. Therefore, in our catalog there is a relevant and in-demand digital painting, airbrushing, fluorescent painting.

Paintings by styles. In order to appreciate the variety of styles presented by the art gallery "", you do not need to be an expert. Of course, we are all better acquainted with such areas of fine arts as realism, impressionism, surrealism and some others. But, having looked through the collection of the international gallery of painting, the work of artists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and other cities and countries - you will see that in other styles extraordinary, amazing, inspirational pictures were created. Symbolism, abstractionism, primitivism, naive art and other currents have a huge energy potential and are likely to become your favorites.

Paintings by genre. Do you dream of decorating your house with a landscape? Or do you like the still life, portrait, images of animals? Our online gallery of paintings of contemporary Russian artists and authors from abroad offers the most popular and rarer genres - such as figurative, ozymono, symbolic compositions. To fans of classical painting, the picture gallery will offer marine and urban landscapes, Dutch landscapes, nude-style paintings, plot pictures. The Volga or rural landscape will create in the house an atmosphere of appeasement, and abstraction - on the contrary, will become a flashy spot.

Why should you buy a painting in the online gallery? For what purpose do people generally acquire works of art? There may be several reasons, and the first of them, of course, is aesthetic. Contemplation of a picturesque canvas, sculpture, painting gives a person a special, incomparable pleasure. Our online store-gallery of artists carefully selects works and offers you works of the most talented, interesting masters.

The second reason is related to the first and is that the pictures are the decoration of the house. It is exquisite, far from the consumer goods decor. The International Gallery of Painting presents a catalog of works by artists who are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and other cities and countries, having studied which, you can find the most suitable work for your interior and get delivery anywhere in the world.

Among other things, buying paintings is a good investment. Investments in art are considered to be among the most successful. Over time, the cost of paintings only grows, sometimes - in geometric progression.

And in conclusion we emphasize that in our art gallery the sale of paintings by contemporary Russian artists and foreign authors is conducted at very reasonable prices. Thanks to the Internet, visual art has become more democratic and widely available. We invite you to find a work that will make you happy!