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Paintings for sale in Yalta

This section of the art gallery of the online store presents oil paintings, sculptures and other art objects of all categories, styles and genres, exhibited by contemporary artists and sculptors of Yalta for sale or for demonstration. You can buy online or order on our art site how professional work (by searching in the filter with the appropriate mark), as well as amateur, of different levels of performance. To start the selection of works, go to the section of the online gallery catalog that interests you.

Authors and statistics from the online art gallery in Yalta:

The table below provides a summary of how many contemporary artists and sculptors, oil paintings, sculptures and other objects of art are presented in this section, the scatter in their value and available parameters.

Total authors: 14
On sale: 201 art objects
To order: 18 art objects
You can buy or order at a price: from 350 - to 150 000 rubles
Materials: canvas, paper, cardboard, canvas on cardboard, hardboard, moulinet, clay, wood, glass, whatman …
Execution techniques: oil, aquarelle, pen, author's technique, mixed technique, crayon, carving, pencil
Height: from 8 - to 110 cm
Width: from 5 - to 130 cm

By going to the section of the art gallery catalog that interests you, you will be able to:

  • filter works simultaneously by category, style, genre, purpose of the room, by topic;
  • choose the artwork of the desired size in height and width;
  • select the work in the desired price range and sort them either in ascending order or in decreasing cost;
  • filter artwork by material and technique;
  • filter out the work of professional artists and sculptors, as well as those with copyright certificates of authenticity;
  • Sort modern and classic oil paintings, sculptures and other art objects for sale, ready to be made to order or just for display.

How to buy or order work online

How to make a purchase in the online gallery:

  1. Find and select your oil paintings or sculptures.
  2. Place an order and send a request to the author.
  3. Wait for the confirmation of the acceptance of the order by the artist / sculptor.
  4. Pay for the purchase and receive your package.

For more detailed instructions, screenshots and videos, go to to the page - how to buy a painting. In the same way, you can purchase sculptures and other artwork in Yalta.

If you were unable to find a suitable work from an artist or sculptor in the art gallery of Yalta, then you can make an order with the author from another city or country, having agreed with the seller about courier or mail delivery. You can find a complete list of contemporary authors in the Artists in Yalta section.

How to make an online order on an art site:

If the work you like is not available for any author, then you can order a painting or sculpture, by placing your application in the system, with photos and a description of the required parameters, then collect feedback from professional performers of our time and choose the right artist / sculptor.

  1. Place an order in the system.
  2. Get feedback and evaluate the work of artists.
  3. Choose the right one and make a deal with him.

Thus, you can order the following types of work on a competitive basis:

  • Order batik (painting on fabric) in Yalta
  • Order oil painting on canvas in Yalta
  • Order a reproduction (copy) of the picture on canvas in Yalta
  • Order a picture from a photograph in Yalta
  • Order wood carvings in Yalta
  • Order restoration of icons in Yalta
  • Order wall painting in Yalta
  • Order a list of temples and churches in Yalta
  • Order a sculpture in Yalta

Order options in the online gallery:

Modern or classic art objects, ready for sale and available, You can buy online in one of the following ways:

  • Quick order. With minimal data filling, to save your time.
  • Simple order. Suitable if the author is in your city. In this case, payment for the purchase is made directly to the seller.
  • Offer your price. If you want to bargain with the author.
  • Secure Transaction . Suitable if the seller is located not in Yalta. In this case, your payment goes through our service.

Payment and delivery options

If you and the seller (i.e. artist or sculptor) are in different cities or countries, and when you purchase art, you need delivery in Yalta, then you can specify the conditions for sending oil paintings or sculptures directly with the author of the works.

If you choose the regular order option, then the terms and methods of payment - you negotiate individually with the seller directly. If you use the "Safe Deal" service (guarantee service of our art gallery), then all payment methods listed on the page will be available to you Payment and delivery.