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The long-awaited vacation

The long-awaited vacation
What you see around you, while spending leisure time anywhere, when you sit in the Park drinking coffee in a cafe when you are at an event or home? How many times do you check your messages and flipping the tape while on vacation? You can even used to sit three hours in a beautiful place, to contemplate it and never get to face in your cell phone? I think very few people are now capable of it. Around you interesting world, it constantly moves, changes, something appears next to you and disappears, but you don't even notice. Look around! Next to you a lot of amazing, even a tree or flower bed can be a wonderful object to observe, pay attention to the shades, a variety of forms, the rustle of the wind and the glare of the sun in the leaves, the swarming insects in flowers. Watch the passers-by, each of them is unimaginable kaleidoscope of images. Try to just Be here and now, never mind thoughts and worries, enjoy every second of being in the flow of life and in your body, in the very place where you are Now. Don't sit in your Internet! Life unfolds in all its glory around you, and you're missing it! Remember one thing - you only Live once, and you will remember in old age? Memes in social networks and the ribbon of meaningless news? Or you'll remember the walks in new places, smile to new acquaintances, enjoy new knowledge and experiences? Choose all in your hands! It is so wonderful to be Alive!

Finished artwork, now available to buy.

Year: 2019
Size: 100x110
Material : canvas
Technique : oil
1 856 $
Category: Painting
Style: Surrealism
110 0 0
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