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Vishnevskiy Anton

Vishnevskiy Anton
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Anton Vishnevsky – an extraordinary Ukrainian artist originally from Odessa. (born 1985).
Anton from early childhood had a rich imagination, incorporating different knowledge of the mythology and culture of ancient civilizations, which certainly influenced his talent. In art school, where Anton studied in adolescence, have repeatedly noted the unusual talent, which laid the Foundation of his work.
Works written by Anton 2017, eloquently testified to his true destiny of becoming a painter. And thanks to the timely support of close friends he makes the choice in favor of self-realization as an artist.

In 2018 Anton is holding its first charity exhibition "Opening eyes", which was shown 24 paintings. All proceeds from the exhibition were aimed at helping children.
Each painting, created by Anton – it illustrates the spiritual wisdom of the artist, inexhaustible positivity and the courage to stand out from the usual companies. Fruitful artistic creativity frees the deeply hidden thoughts, because the mind of a gifted person is not limited by rational thinking. In some paintings, imbued with subtle Magic, we see surrealistic landscapes with incredible puzzles. While other works are subject to the rigors and logic of delicate geometric shapes.
In a series of works "the Magic of Geometry" reflected a thorough knowledge of Anton in the exact Sciences and esoteric teachings about the structure of the Macro - and Microcosm. The study of sacred geometry has allowed to give pictures of unusual energetic properties. These paintings have absorbed all the experience of the artist in practical spirituality and help people to find harmony in living space and inside. After all, not every artist masterfully wielding the brush, can reflect in his works of mystical themes and ideas, creating graphic masterpieces and start thus the process of transformation of man's spiritual development.
Currently, Anton continues to create deep, meaningful paintings, revealing many secrets of the Universe. Paintings that are striking in the originality of the characters and complexity of plots. Gift of the artist and craving for the esoteric at the same time help him to unfold the role of a talented Tarot reader, numerologist.

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