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Olechshenko Elvira

Olechshenko  Elvira
Total rating: 340
Rating by «Painting»: 35
Rating by «Graphics»: 5
Community ratings by author
Uniqueness of style:5.0
Originality of work plots:5.0
Hatea A Member Of The Union Of Artists Of Kazakhstan, Member Of International Art Fund Of The Russian Federation. A member of the Creative Union of artists of Decorative arts of Russia. You can purchase for yourself and as a gift any you like picture and to order a portrait. A little about my work. How can an ant understand the scope of the forest and the planet where he lives, so a person can not grasp their concept of the Universe in which it operates. This world is always with You: he sees, hears, controls, and helps You solve a particular problem. Many people understand it and are not afraid to force their subliminal familiarity with it in the previous stages ( reincarnations ) of their development. He scares many of his inexplicable in material terms. But he is knocking for You to explain that You are not divisible, that there is no difference in religion and skin color, the poor and the rich. All are born naked and with empty hands go to the new "life". But You all make up a single cell of the huge organism that takes care of You as You care about the improvement of the physical body. This body is the God who feels the slightest vibration of Your energy and surround You with his all-embracing love as Your perception of Him. I don't aim to win Your hearts by their paintings, but I strive to bring to You information about the world through the brush. It is impossible to convey in words and gestures. It can only be shifted onto the canvas through color and theme.
I'm not an artist and never learned. Touch to color began with the arrival of "the other", and this chance which was given to a different World. We all come to this material world to execute his Law. Come is not easy, but being both a teacher and student. Adults see themselves as adults, praising his "Sedin" or "life experience". They raise themselves on a pedestal head, the pointer of podchinyalas its opinion and taste. But being an adult doesn't mean growing. The spirit is enough stages in its growth, only to come into contact with the Universe of the Universe. To rise in their spirituality, free from low, heavy energy emotions. When the spirit enters the period of its conscious development, contact with the society, then only he begins his journey as the essence of executing the program. He goes as a teacher, teaching by their example - good or bad, of others. And as a student – getting to know the world in its spiritual and material structure, from other essences (people). When the Father of our spirits created the Spirit, for the spirit has been provided by the program. This is the Law, but no luck. You can't talk about that to someone the Law went bad and someone good. The father does not want his creation to disease, hunger, lack of proper income. All the problems start much earlier than when you began to feel unhappy, deprived and constantly asking the question: "Why the neighbor's things, and he's happy and I'm not? For me such suffering? Than I have angered God?" and so on and so forth. Very simple. The answer is inside of you. It is not necessary to go far, so pay the missing money, or "break" their hands, asking, lifting his face to the sky.
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