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Painting in Ukraine

In this section of the online store art objects are presented categories «Painting», put up for sale or display by authors of works (artists and sculptors) of Ukraine.

In which currency should the prices be displayed on the website?

Assortment and statistics of the section Painting:

The table below summarizes how many paintings, sculptures and other art objects are represented in this section, their cost, availability and parameters, as well as the names of sellers with the highest rating on the site.

On sale items: 1 001
Custom Items: 206
You can buy or order at a price: from 30 - to 566 880 rubles
Content: canvas, paper, canvas on cardboard, hardboard, plywood, cardboard, wood, plastics, whatman, porcelain …
Execution Techniques: oil, acrylic, mixed technique, aquarelle, author's technique, gouache, crayon, mosaic, tempera
Height: from 6 - to 210 cm
Width: from 6 - to 1 000 cm
Artists: Vishnyakova Natalya, Koval Lidiya, Lutyuk Vladimir, SHevchenko Galina, Byirdina Natalya, Pokryishka Sergey, Simakov Vladimir, Negresko Valentin, Bortsova Ekaterina, Sebini Sergey и др.

How to buy or order

How to make a purchase on the site:

  1. Find and select paintings or sculptures in the catalog of the online store.
  2. Place an order and send a request to the author.
  3. Wait for the author to accept the order.
  4. Pay for the purchase and receive your package.

If you were unable to find a suitable job with an artist or sculptor of Ukraine, then you You can make an order with the author from another city or country, agreeing with the seller about the courier or postal delivery. You can find a complete list of contemporary authors in the section Painters categories Painting in Ukraine.

For more detailed instructions, with screenshots and videos, go to the page - how to buy a painting. Thus, you can purchase artwork on the theme «Painting» in Ukraine.

How to place an order on the site:

If the work you like is not available for any author, then you can use the order system by placing in it order paintings or sculptures from a photograph or description, collect feedback from the artists of the site and select suitable.

  1. Place an order in the system.
  2. Get feedback and evaluate the work of artists.
  3. Choose the right one and make a deal with him.

Thus, you can order the following types of work on a competitive basis:

  • Order batik (painting on fabric) in Ukraine
  • Order oil painting on canvas in Ukraine
  • Order a reproduction (copy) of the picture on canvas in Ukraine
  • Order a picture from a photograph in Ukraine
  • Order wood carvings in Ukraine
  • Order restoration of icons in Ukraine
  • Order wall painting in Ukraine
  • Order a list of temples and churches in Ukraine
  • Order a sculpture in Ukraine

Ordering options in our online store:

For ready-to-sell art objects on the theme Painting you can use:

  • Quick order. With minimal data filling, to save your time.
  • Simple order. Suitable if the author is in your city. In this case, payment for the purchase is made directly to the seller.
  • Offer your price. If you want to bargain with the author.
  • Safe deal. Suitable if the seller is not in Ukraine. In this case, your Payment passes through our service.

Payment and delivery options

If you and the seller are in different cities or countries, and you need delivery in Ukraine, then You can specify the conditions for sending paintings or sculptures directly with the author of the works.

When choosing the usual order option, the terms and methods of payment - you negotiate individually with the seller directly. If you use our service «Secure Transaction», then all payment methods listed on Payment and delivery page.

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