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Dance among swords

Dance among swords
A copy of the picture of G. Semiradsky. The artist chose a simple and timeless motif, common in the Ancient world, and - no less - in our century. Nude woman, the object of admiration, dancing against the backdrop of beautiful landscape with ancient buildings surrounded by angels making music of courtesans and patrician. The world of Hellenism is presented as a perpetual holiday, as once people lost Golden age, a carefree time of luxury and enjoyment. This story allowed the artist to recreate the graceful plastic the beautiful female body, which involve sensuality without a touch of vulgarity, a Gorgeous Mediterranean landscape, (Bay of Naples) to form a worthy frame of the beautiful heroine. The picture was painted in Rome in 1881 by order of the K. Soldatenkova — known entrepreneur and is now located in the Tretyakov gallery. A smaller version of this picture (77 × 155 cm), in 2011 it was sold at Sotheby's in new York for $ 2 million 98 thousand dollars. The picture is available. Registration in a baguette by agreement.

Artwork is available to order.

Year: 2017
Size: 60x115
Material : canvas
Technique : oil
1 438 $
Category: Copies
Style: Realism
386 2 4
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Comments (4)
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Peters Elizaveta 26.01.2019, 23:17
Тоже, ОЧЕНЬ достойная работа!
Pavlova Irina 27.01.2019, 11:26
Присоединяюсь к предыдущему положительному отзыву. Семирадский незаслуженно забытый художник. Очень красивая и насыщенная работа!
Abat-CHerkasov Vladimir 07.09.2019, 22:04
Коллеги, спасибо за вдохновляющие отзывы!
Abat-CHerkasov Vladimir 10.10.2019, 20:16
Ирина, кстати да, что=то Семирадского я не помню когда видел в наших музеях. Может просмотрел...
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